Houston Home Staging, a moving experience

We offer flat-fee home staging that's attractive, quickly delivered and well priced. We can use your furniture in new and interesting ways while we provide accessories from our own warehouse, or we can easily and attractively stage furniture and accessories in a vacant home from our own stock. CALL US AT 832-260-3151

Houston Home Staging serving Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land and Katy, Texas

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Houzz Interior Design IdeasFeatured on TV, on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, Houston Home Staging is a well-known presence in the Houston area. We also provide training for realtors, appear at trade shows and provide guest lectures at home & garden shows.

Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to teach Home Staging, we offer MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) training courses for groups and individuals. For more information, contact us at 832-260-3151 or email us at info@houstonhomestaging.net

Our Courses

Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission to teach courses on Home Staging, we offer MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) courses for groups and individuals.

More details coming soon, but don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any kind of training, trade show appearances or guest lectures.

CALL US AT 832-260-3151

We offer prfessional training in Home Staging

Our Books...

Houston Home Staging - Staging Stories I Staging Stories Volume I: With over 250 pages of text and photographs, this book is a must-have for professional home stagers, real estate professionals and home sellers.
Available in softcover.


Houston Home Staging - Staging Stories IIStaging Stories Volume II: Our second book is more informal and can be read in snippets, or front to back or however you want really. Required reading if you attend one of our courses, it's also an ideal quick reference book for anyone interested in the art of home staging. 
Available in softcover.

Purchase our books through the Houston Home Staging Bookstore

Staging Stories Volume II Also available through Apple's iBookstore

Our Services


Vacant Home Stagings

Stage-lite Packages


CALL US AT 832-260-3151

Two Hour Consultations

Houston Home Staging - our consultations deliver great results for new listings

Our consultations deliver powerful results for new listings, and rescue lingering listings from expensive markdowns.

You’ll want to take notes as we seek out and implement the value-adding staging techniques that make a Houston Home Staging listing a ‘quickly sold’ listing! Beginning at curbside and continuing through the house we’ll help you with furniture placement, de-cluttering tips, artwork placement and other merchandising techniques that are proven value-builders.

Many of our clients enjoy reading our books Staging Stories by Alicia Barrington, before arranging a consultation. The books contain our best staging tips, and value-building techniques that we’ve developed over the years.

Our flat-fee consultations are an action-packed nearly two-hour experience! 

$195 Flat Fee (includes tax)

CALL US AT 832-260-3151

Vacant Home Stagings

Houston Home Staging owns its own inventory and builds value to any well-prpared listing

Houston Home Staging owns the inventory that you see in our YouTube videos. We’ve worked with Houston Realtors to develop flat-fee staging packages that build value, and deliver exciting results, to almost any well-prepared listing.

We don’t charge monthly rental fees and our all-inclusive staging packages produce great results. We deliver and install the furnishings, artwork, greenery, and accessories that your listing needs (generally within days of your order). Our ‘concierge’ service packages include great equity-revealing techniques that quite often deliver full-price offers for your listing within days of the staging!

Beginning at $2500 for a 90 day* staging, your all-inclusive staging package can be customized to your needs. We never do the same thing twice, so your listing boasts an online presentation that is new and fresh to the market.

*All of our contracts are customized for the project.   Extensions to the 90 day staging packages are easily and inexpensively arranged.

Starts at $2,500 (may not be appropriate for homes over $500k)

CALL US AT 832-260-3151

Stage-lite Packages

Houston Home Staging provides artwork, greenery and light fixtures for a WOW factor in your listings

Many of our corporate clients don’t invest in cumbersome furnishings or accessories for their homes. Most often, these clients are being transferred so frequently that an investment in ‘permanent’ furnishings isn’t a wise move. For clients who have the basics and need a little WOW factor in their listings, we offer a flat fee staging package called Stage-lite.

Stage-lite packages include artwork, greenery, accessories and some light furniture groupings that will fill-out and enhance your listing.  Offered on a very limited and case-by-case basis this type of staging can be the perfect solution for a lingering listing.

Starts at $500

CALL US AT 832-260-3151

Houston Home Staging is fully insured and accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex)

We take all major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex

Houston Home Stagings, a moving experience


Please Browse Our Photo Gallery

We love what we do and we're good at it. Whether you're a professional or you just love well designed staging, please take a look at some of our work and contact us if you have any questions.

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  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-37
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  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-58
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-59
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-6
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-61
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-62
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-64
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-68
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-7_-_Copy
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  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-73
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-75
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-76
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-8_-_Copy
  • Brennan_Ridge_Ln-8
  • brinwood-10151-005_-_Copy_(3)
  • brinwood-10151-006_-_Copy_-_Copy
  • brinwood-10151-009_-_Copy
  • brinwood-10151-012
  • brinwood-10151-014_-_Copy
  • brinwood-10151-017
  • brinwood-10151-018_(2)_-_Copy
  • brinwood-10151-019
  • brinwood-10151-021
  • brinwood-10151-025
  • brinwood-10151-026
  • brinwood-10151-029
  • brinwood-10151-030
  • brinwood-10151-036
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  • DSC_7518_-_Copy
  • DSC_7521_-_Copy
  • DSC_7523
  • DSC_7531_-_Copy
  • DSC_7538
  • DSC_7548
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  • DSC_7560_-_Copy
  • DSC_7567
  • DSC_7568
  • DSC_7570
  • DSC_7575
  • DSC_7640
  • DSC_8984_HDR
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  • DSC_9030-Edit_(4)
  • DSC_9042_(3)
  • DSC_9044_HDR
  • DSC_9049_HDR
  • DSC_9054_HDR_(3)
  • DSC_9059_HDR
  • DSC_9115_HDR
  • DSC_9129
  • DSC_9149_HDR
  • DSC_9179_HDR
  • DSC_9196
  • DSC_9212
  • DSC_9228
  • DSC_9240
  • DSC_9337
  • hhs_81713--10
  • hhs_81713--14
  • hhs_81713--15
  • hhs_81713--2
  • hhs_81713--20
  • hhs_81713--4
  • hhs_81713--9
  • hhs_81713-1208810
  • hhs_81713-1248814
  • hhs_81713-1318821
  • hhs_81713-1418831
  • hhs_81713-1518844
  • hhs_81713-1588851
  • hhs_81713-1658858
  • hhs_81713-1788871
  • hhs_81713-467430
  • hhs_81713-527436
  • hhs_81713-548743
  • hhs_81713-578746
  • hhs_81713-618750
  • hhs_81713-648753
  • hhs_81713-658754
  • Saddlebrook--28
  • Saddlebrook--30
  • Saddlebrook--32
  • Saddlebrook--33
  • Saddlebrook--34
  • Saddlebrook--35
  • Saddlebrook--37
  • Saddlebrook--46
  • Saddlebrook--52
  • Saddlebrook-122122
  • Saddlebrook-137137
  • Saddlebrook-149149
  • Saddlebrook-155155
  • Saddlebrook-163163
  • Saddlebrook-167167
  • Saddlebrook-172172
  • Saddlebrook-176176
  • Saddlebrook-188188
  • Saddlebrook-192192
  • Saddlebrook-205205
  • Saddlebrook-210210
  • Saddlebrook-214214
  • Saddlebrook-218218
  • Saddlebrook-22
  • Saddlebrook-227227
  • Saddlebrook-232232
  • Saddlebrook-259259
  • Thornbranch-1054486_HDR
  • Thornbranch-1204501_HDR
  • Thornbranch-1254506_HDR
  • Thornbranch-145921
  • Thornbranch-2154596
  • Thornbranch-2254606_HDR
  • Thornbranch-245931
  • Thornbranch-2654646_HDR_1
  • Thornbranch-295936
  • Thornbranch-3004687_HDR
  • Thornbranch-455952
  • Thornbranch-605967
  • Thornbranch-745981
  • Thornbranch-75914_-_Copy
  • Thornbranch-85915_-_Copy
  • townhome-1007078
  • townhome-1037081_-_Copy
  • townhome-1127090
  • townhome-1147092
  • townhome-1157093
  • townhome-1237101
  • townhome-1367114
  • townhome-1467127
  • townhome-1767157
  • townhome-1887169_-_Copy
  • townhome-2027206
  • townhome-2047208_-_Copy_-_Copy
  • townhome-2077211
  • townhome-2187222
  • townhome-2297233
  • townhome-2407244
  • townhome-3036086_HDR
  • townhome-3186101-2_HDR-Edit_-_Copy
  • townhome-3366119-2
  • townhome-3396122-2_HDR
  • townhome-3696152_HDR-Edit
  • townhome-3786161_HDR_-_Copy
  • townhome-3786161_HDR

Some of our Clients

They assure us you can call them and they'll say good things about us!


Dale Ross
Keller Williams Signature


Joe Diosana
Keller Williams Memorial


Jen Tran
Keller Williams Memorial


Melonee Piperi
Internet Relocation Team at Keller Williams Realty

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Houston Home Staging


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We're located in Katy and service all of Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land, Texas

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